Turquoise Nougat dish


Turquoise Nougat dish with a height of 16 cm

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This nicely decorated nectar has both consumable and decorative applications. Its body color is a combination of Firouze and Copia. The outer part of the body is composed of turquoise and copper, and the body of the body is made up entirely of copper. First, a cup of copper was made and then the pieces of turquoise were placed on it. The height of this container is about 15 cm and weighs about 600 grams. The master of this work, Professor Aqajani from Isfahan, is the main pole of Firoozhakoubi in Iran. It should be noted that the turquoise stuffed on this product is Neoshahr turquoise and is hand-picked and very good. You can use this nougat dish to decorate your nourishing table.
The art of Firoozhakoubi has flourished in our country for more than seventy years. Initially it was the main pole of art and the beginning of its prosperity in Khorasan province and the city of Neyshabur. And after a long time, the main pole of Firoozhekoubi was transferred from Neyshabur to Isfahan. Although it is not clear that its invention should be due to the efforts of Iranian professors or Russian artists. In our country, copper has always had a special place among metalworkers, as in the past, our kitchen utensils were made of copper. One of the main reasons for Iranian attention to this art is its special beauty, because the Iranian people always pay special attention to the decorating and the appearance of their surroundings. Firoozhook is an artistic art that is made by putting small pieces of marble rosacea on the surface of dishes, jewelery, and so on. Keep in mind that the longer the distance between the spoonfuls of sprouts is on the product you are looking for, it shows the precision and order.


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