Pottery with Mad design

Making tandis and figurines of animals and myths in ancient Iran, as elsewhere in the world, has been prevalent. Ancient Iranians made these shapes with materials such as rocks, blooming flowers, bones, wood, metal, and so on. Due to the works discovered in Iran, the link between art and life has been well known. Most of these figurines have been found in graves and may have been ritualistic. Like the works found on the ancient hill of Marlik. The people of that period undoubtedly have a kind of belief in the world after death, and they have believed that by making such figurations, their wealth and wealth are increasing. The pottery of this clay structure has long been popular among our people. These products, which somehow can be called the oldest man made, are clay and in the form of fire. The painter's painters used to create dishes of everyday life from time to time, and they drew roses and floral arrangements on flower containers, and decorated with different colors. However, it is not yet clear that the first pottery is a sacrifice to ancient beliefs or clever ways to simplify life. These days, pottery has become one of the ancient memorials that still has several uses for it.
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Product Type: Decorative

Dimensions: 30 × 15 × 32 cm

Weight: 3048 grams

Spectrum: Turquoise blue

Made of pottery


Cooked in the oven

Waleed in Laljin, Hamadan

Inspired by: A gold cup of material with two sets of shapes on the legs

Place of Discovery: Lorestan

New York Museum


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