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In the summer of 1396, the market and the online shop of heritage products were launched in the summer of 1396 in order to achieve their goals of introducing and promoting the use of Iranian handicraft products and the support of artists in this field. The heritage online store aims to expand its global market and introduce Iranian crafts to the whole world.

On the other hand, the heritage is trying to provide a wealth of useful materials on craftsmanship for enthusiasts and researchers in this field, but at the same time, it seeks to combine art and modern art with the modernization and application of handicrafts with specific products.

Our first goal is to educate ourselves. Innovations that can be transformed into simple applications from simple devices. Introducing Iranian handmade artists is another of our goals. We have a lot of young and creative artists in Iran who have their own specialty, arts and abilities, but due to various reasons, they have problems in providing this art and their creativity to the Iranian and international community and hence to provide their art to social networks. There are a variety of people who seek to profit from the opportunity, so how beautiful it is that all of this artistic and artistic heritage will be officially introduced to the community, which will give a more formal and beautiful look at Iranian art. Other nations too.

Our last goal is to sell the finest and most beautiful handicrafts and handicrafts of both original and modern Iranian artists. By collecting a collection of the finest and quality artists and handicrafts, Heritage strives to take a small step towards supporting Iranian art and artistic expression.

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